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Mental health


What you can do to keep yourself physically fit, to prevent illnesses and, if possible, to stay healthy into old age is well known: lots of exercise, healthy eating, enough sleep, etc.

How to keep yourself mentally healthy and how to protect your psyche is less well known. How can you prevent or reduce stress and problems?

How do you deal with the stressful problems of everyday life without staying “on the track”? What should you do if everything gets too much?

Pay attention to your needs.

In the hectic pace of everyday life, it is easy to forget to take care of yourself and ask yourself what you need at the moment. Plan your free time deliberately in the daily routine, pay attention to your needs and take care of yourself.

Frau, die auf Feld steht

The human being: a unity of body, soul and spirit.


In psychology and medicine, people are seen as a unity of body, mind and soul. To remain mentally healthy, you have to make sure that your body, soul and spirit are in perfect harmony. If this is not the case, the human being as a whole suffers. A week body affects the psyche (thoughts and feelings), a week psyche also affects the physical functions.


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