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Cultural adaptation / Integration


There are various reasons why people live abroad. Be it for professional, family or other private reasons.

The transfer is not always easy. The adaptation to a new country can be very challenging. You may suffer from a  "culture shock".

There may be a loss of relationship with others or even with yourself. Learning the language may take longer than planned. Feelings of isolation or the feeling of "not belonging" may occur. As a result, a loss of self-esteem and a lack of trust in your own competences can occur.

During this time, these problems can affect mental wellbeing and life satisfaction, leading to stress, work problems, sleep disorders, anxiety, and even depression.


Possible consequences are:


  • homesickness

  • helplessness

  • Isolation, disorientation or withdrawal

  • sadness / depression

  • fear

  • anger / hostility

  • stereotyping

  • excessive drinking and / or drug addiction at leisure

  • mistrust

In psychotherapy, I will assist you to cope better with reintegration and you might  achieve a higher life satisfaction.


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