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Burnout - what is it?


Are you completely exhausted? Do you notice that you simply “can no longer” go on with your life physically and mentally? Besides exhaustion, do you feel tense and restless inside? Do you find it difficult to concentrate on work or other activities and lack your usual strength?


“To be burned out” means to be mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted due to persistent overload due to work or other reasons; despite your best intentions, you can no longer or hardly master your tasks. You get the impression that your joy in life and self-esteem are non existant anymore.


Everyone can get burned out. It is not a disease only known by managers. People who work in helping professions, such as nurses, teachers, educators, doctors, social workers etc. are particularly very often affected too. People with a pronounced perfectionism, helper syndrome and a very strong focus on performance are particularly high at risk.



How do I get help?


Psychotherapy can help. In cognitive behavioral therapy, your symptoms are spoted and an individual therapy plan is made according to your needs. 


How is it treated?


At the beginning an extensive diagnostic clarification is necessary. For example, from a medical point of view it must be excluded that your symptoms have purely physical causes. In the context of psychotherapy, you will mostly understand what has led to your illness and strive to change the harmful lifestyle. Your previous, unhealthy attitudes and behavior regarding your work can be changed and new coping strategies for dealing with stressful working conditions can be developed.

You will learn to identify stress factors and become aware of those stress factors. Unhealthy behaviors and lifestyle habits (eg. a lack of self-awareness, constant overwork) should be reduced and health-promoting behavior learned, such as a better work-life balance .

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