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Do you have strong recurring anxiety attacks without a clear reason? Do you repeatedly experience intense fear in certain situations, e.g. in a department store or on public transport? Do you often avoid such situations because of this fear? Are these situations accompanied by strong physical reactions such as tremors, shortness of breath or hot flashes?

Have you ever had the feeling of having a heart attack without your doctor finding any signs of it? Are you worried about your life due to the anxiety attacks or constantly thinking about your fear? Fears play an important role in everyday life by drawing attention to potential dangers and helping to take protective measures at an early stage. In the case of anxiety disorders, this "early warning system" is out of balance, and physical danger signals are sent out without any apparent reason.


What is going on?

Anxiety is often based on negative experiences from the life story. However, they can also be based on other people's stories and experiences. Some people report that they were more anxious than their friends as a child. In many cases, other family members also suffer from anxiety (disorders). The beginning of the anxiety disorder is often preceded by stressful life events that increase the existing fears. This can cause sufferers to begin to monitor their physical sensations, feelings, and thoughts more intensely, which in turn leads to stronger fears.


How do I get help?

If you feel that you have an anxiety disorder, do not hesitate to get professional help. I may gladly inform you about the further procedure.

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